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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

This past weekend we got together with D's family to celebrate some birthdays, and of course, father's day!

It was so fun to get together with his whole family.  They are such great people, they love to laugh, and I always have a great time with them.  There are some little ones too that are so cute and eat up being the center of attention. It's so nice of them to be so welcoming to me, too.  With my family so far away, I really miss being with my parents and sisters for a lot of holidays, so it is so nice to be a part of D's family celebrations.  So many things remind me of my own family and help me feel closer to them, as well.

Anyway, Derek and his father showed up wearing the same shirt - great minds think alike!

Happy Father's Day Dusty!


Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that pic might show up somewhere. :) d

Corey said...

Daddy you look so little there!! :)