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Monday, June 11, 2012

Workouts: Week 8

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This was a big week!!  And yes, right now I am feeling fierce.  Hahaha.

Monday:  Off
Tuesday:  5.5 miles
Wednesday:  Off
Thursday:  5 miles
Friday:  3.25 miles + Strength
Saturday:  Off
Sunday:  10 miles

Total:  23.75 miles

This week was great!!  I felt pretty good leading up to the long run and I think I could have gone farther on that run if I wasn't worried about getting to work late.  It was probably a good idea I didn't push it because I don't want to overdo it.  Baby steps.  My long run was done at about 10:30 pace overall.  I had some 9:30 miles in there, but it went in waves, feel good for 4 miles, bad for 2, good for 2, bad for 1, good for one.  It's all part of the experience though.

This coming week is super busy for me at work, so I knew I wouldn't be getting many runs in over 3-4 miles.  I figured I would make it a recovery week for just that reason.  So Sunday, I set off thinking that I would go as far as I could in the allotted time that I had.  My goal was to top 8 miles.  That I did :).  This week I will get as much running in as I can, but I have about 30 minutes free between 7am and 8pm each day, so we will see...

Happy Monday!!

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