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Monday, June 18, 2012

Workouts: Week 9

This week was a bit light.  I had a super busy schedule this week and got workouts in where I could.  I would love to say that this coming week I will make up for it, but I'm not so sure that's true.

This week is not that busy, but I can only run Monday-Wednesday and then my work does not allow for any more runs.  So, the following week will have to be my catch-up week.  I really hope I can keep maintaining in the meantime.

Last weeks workouts:

Monday:  Off
Tuesday:  2 miles
Wednesday:  90 minutes of strength training mixed with jump rope (I barely walked for 2 days after this).
Thursday:  4 miles w/hills, fast!
Friday:  Off
Saturday:  6
Sunday:  off

Total:  12 miles.

Yikes.  Hopefully I will have better news for you next week...

1 comment:

Corey said...

12 miles is better than no miles :) Keep it up!