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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Picturesque Run

When I run in places that I am not familiar with, I bring my phone.  I look at maps before I go, but I am usually nervous about getting lost or stranded somewhere.  If I need to call someone or use a map, I'm covered.  The nice thing about this is that I can use it as my ipod on these runs and I can take pictures!

I started in our little neighborhood and had a circular route planned.  

It was a very cute, very old little neighborhood, but my circular route did not exist and after two dead ends, I decided to head across the street to the park.  The park had these awesome ornate gates at the entrance that almost made me feel like I was trespassing...

I followed the path and soon found myself at an overlook.  The Hudson River was absolutely breathtaking.  Jackpot.  I am so glad I stumbled upon this.  And so glad I had a camera to capture it.

I finally convinced myself to keep running and I soon realized that this was no ordinary park.  This was a park that was build on the grounds of one of the old Vanderbilt mansions.  Yep.  The first house I came to was the information center and the second is the actual mansion.

I'm not sure I was completely awake yet...yikes.

 It turns out that the neighborhood we were staying in, across the street included the carriage house and some of the groundskeepers houses.  How cool is that?!  I kept running and found the Italian gardens and some very pretty scenery.  Once again, Jackpot!!  What a lucky run!

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