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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New York Trip: Part 1

This past weekend I met my family in New York to watch our cousin get married.  Mandy looked so gorgeous and she picked the perfect venue for her unique wedding.  It was so nice to get the family all together again and I always love any time I get with my sisters and parents.

Cath and I met at the car rental place about an hour before everyone else and we chatted the time away easily.  We also took a self portrait because, well, that's what we do.

We had a minivan for all 6 of us the whole weekend...Catherine and I found ourselves in familiar territory - stuck in the third row.  I was brought back to the swimming from carpool years ago...and I didn't exactly love it.  

Thursday we drove up to the little town of Hyde Park and found our little cottage for the weekend.  It was so cute and so nice that we all got to stay in one place.   We hung out in the living room, cooked meals in the kitchen and got some sun on the back porch.

After we settled in and I went on a quick run we headed out to dinner.

Isn't it so nice to be with your family?

This is the first time I have seen my sister since she's been pregnant.  I just couldn't get enough of her cute little belly.  I have seen tons of pregnant women before, but when it's the person that you've known so well for twenty seven years who all of a sudden is going to be a mom, it is so crazy (and that's crazy in a great way!).

Friday we woke up and Catherine treated us all to homemade breakfast - YUM! And Matt golfed (smart man).  After that we ventured into the town of Rhineback, NY to wander the shops and explore.  It was a very cute little town and someone may have mentioned once or twice that Chelsea Clinton got married there.    While there we met up with my Aunt and Uncle, the MOB and the FOB of the weekend and we got to catch up and chat.  The brothers discretely disappeared while the gals headed into the shops but we made sure they didn't roam too far.

The two happy brothers.  How cute are they?

Uncle John snuck in the picture!

We had to get some ice cream :) 

The sisters Noozle.
Friday night we headed out to the farmhouse for the rehearsal dinner.  The weather was a little hot, but we got to see more family and had some more fun.

That's all for today...more to come tomorrow! 

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