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Friday, July 20, 2012

New York Trip: Part 2

Saturday we woke up and I went for another run.  On my way back, I met up with my mother and sisters heading out for a walk, so I joined them.

We stayed right near the Hudson River and the walk showed us some gorgeous views.

After the walk, we had some breakfast, showered up and then we went to visit two small vineyards in the area.  The first one we visited was Clinton Vineyards.  I had never been wine tasting before and it was really fun!  They tell you all about the vineyard and how they make the wine.  We got to see the big vats in the back and found out that this vineyard is one of the smallest and oldest in the country.

Paula made a friend :). 

After that we headed to Millbrook Vineyards about 20 minutes away after that.  This one was much bigger.  They had tours through the vineyards so you could see the different grapes being grown for different types of wine.  They also had a little cafe where we had some lunch.

I think I was smelling the grapes???

It was a fun new experience and I do have to say that the vineyards were gorgeous!!  Who knew upstate New York had such scenic views?!

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