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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New York Trip: Part Three - The Wedding!!

Finally, I get to tell you about the wedding!  Saturday we headed out to the farmhouse once again to attend the wedding of my awesome cousin, Amanda.  Amanda is an incredibly creative, thoughtful woman and I have always looked up to her.  She has done some very cool things in her life including living in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Colorado, quitting her job to take a 6 month trip around the world!, and making a name for herself as an successful event planner.  Are you surprised that I was so excited to attend her wedding?!  They did most of the prep themselves and made sure that the outdoor event was ecologically friendly and that all of the food was locally grown.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a great night. 

There was a cocktail hour before the ceremony began.

Then we headed into the woods about fifty feet for the ceremony.

The happy bride and her proud father.

Stacey doing her reading.

After that it was time for dinner and dancing!

Cousins Pete, Mandy, and Stacey.

What a beautiful setting for an amazing day.  Congrats to Amanda and Chris!

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i love all the pictures!!!