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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Honesty

Warning...this post is not as upbeat and smiley as most of them are...

Failure is a theme that has been on my mind lately. It's such a scary idea.   Failure is defined by wikipedia as "The state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective.  It may be viewed as the opposite of success."  This year I made a huge leap of faith.  And I failed.  Many of my friends and family have told me that I didn't fail, "it just didn't work out", but to me, I did.

Sometimes I think that if I could re-do the last year of my life, I would.  I wouldn't make the change, I wouldn't take the risk, I wouldn't take my life and turn it upside down.  But then I remember how much I have learned and how much I have grown and I know that I always would have regretted not taking the chance.  I am stronger now.  So I have come to terms with it.  I also have some great memories and great friends that I have made in the past year.

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I am still scared to death of failing again, but with all I have learned and my new priorities, I am better equipped for whatever my future holds.

So with this fear, I am looking forward, I am hopeful, and I certain that my loved ones will support me, because that's what we do. Most importantly, I know that no matter what, it will be OK.  

I know this is a random post and some will have no idea what I'm talking about, and that's ok.  This is more for me than anyone else.

Here's to my new beginning; my new fresh start.  No more dwelling in the past.

Tomorrow I head to the beach to be with my family and I couldn't be more ready.  Quonny makes me feel peaceful, happy, calm, and energized all at once.  And what better place is there to be than anywhere your family is?!

This next quote is an ode to my sisters.  It's from the movie "Hope Floats."  If you haven't see it, go rent it.  In our house, it's a family favorite ;) and there is rarely a dry eye left in the house at the end.

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Have a happy weekend!


Corey said...

I think you have the right attitude, despite the past. In our small group we're studying Philippians right now, and Phil. 3:13b talks about "Forgetting what's behind and straining toward what is ahead." There's no shame in taking a risk, and I wish you the best in what's to come!

Lauren said...

Thanks Corey :)