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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites

I just started a new job, I'm training for the marathon, and I've got a little bit of stress and uncertainty in my life, so things around here are not the easiest right now, but there are things that make my day a little bit better ever day.  The littlest things make me smile.  And I love that they still can.

1.  Pineapple Greek Yogurt.  My older sister, Paula, introduced me to this on a summer trip a few weeks ago and I love it.  I mean, really, love it.  By far the best of the greek yogurts!

2.  Lilies.  My roomate brought home flowers for me on Monday to celebrate the first day of school and they have been filling my place with a wonderful aroma ever since.  They are beautiful!!  She is so sweet.  She has a mother who is a teacher and knows that the loss of summer and the mix of feelings of the first week of school sometimes need a pick-me-up.  It was a wonderful treat when I didn't even know I needed it.

3.  My new dark hair!  I went dark again for fall and I love it.

4.  Going straight from work to the pool.  This will only be possible for another week or so, but it sure does make each day so much better!

5.  Nilla Wafers.  Yum.  They are my weakness right now.

6.  My friends and family.  I have the wisest, most supportive, most understanding friends and family in the world.  Seriously.  They have helped me more than words can express the past few weeks, and I love them all so much.  I am slow to open up and sometimes they have to pry things out of me, but when they do, it feels so much better.  They are the best and I don't know what I ever did to deserve them all.

The fam.  

7.  I will get to meet my nephew in one month!  Ahhhhhh!  I can't believe it's almost here!  Check out Paula's Blog for more fun news.  I am spoiling him with gifts already so that I can be the favorite aunt even though I am half way across the country! (That's right Cath, you have some serious competition!)

8.  Three day weekend!!  Ahh, it's a perfect end to the first week of school.  This weekend on the agenda:  a baby shower, socializing with new co-workers, meeting a new little one, and spending a day with a friend.  Hopefully I get a long run in too!

And that's about it! Happy Friday everyone!


Paula said...

awww, what a good list! love you!

Stacey Nosal said...

How did I not know that BOTH of you girls have a blog?? I love it. Miss you both.


Lauren said...

I've been found out :) Love you too and can't wait to see you next weekend!!!