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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunsets in Rhode Island

This past week in Rhode Island was perfect!  We had lots of family laughs, time with Grandma, and fun in the sun.  More on all that later...I still need to get everything organized.  But I can show you our sunset pictures.   And I'm warning you, I couldn't pick any to leave out, so there are a lot of them... 

There is no prettier place.

From the top deck of the cottage. 

One night the whole family took a walk down to the breachway to get a better view.  We were a little early, but we had some fun, got some cute photo's and still got to see an awesome sunset.

Is she not the cutest little mama-to-be you've ever seen?!

Catherine - being a nerd.

All of us, being nerds. :)  Listening to the baby.

The necessary sister self-pictures.  We are so odd.  But I love it.

I miss them all already.  More to come tomorrow.

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Paula said...

i love all the pictures!!! wish we were still there...