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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Workouts: Week 21

Source: google.com via Jodi on Pinterest

This week was a "recovery" week.  I was pretty busy and I didn't get a super long run in, but I did get a little bit of running in... only 4 weeks left until the marathon!!

Monday:  17 miles
Tuesday:  off
Wednesdady:  2 miles
Thursday:  off
Friday: off
Saturday:  off
Sunday:  10 miles

Total:  29 miles


mom said...

wow, 10 today!!! you are doing great. I thought I was good with 52 min on the eliptical tonight!!

Lauren said...

You are good!! 50 minutes is a great workout!

Paula said...

nice work on the 17! i wouldn't call that a "rest" week.