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Monday, September 24, 2012

Workouts: Week 22 and 23

I've been bad...I didn't post last week...The past two weeks have not been as ideal as I would have hoped thanks to a nasty cold and a crazy schedule, but I did get my last long run in and I feel ready to go!  Because I didn't get a longer run in, I'm going to make my taper run next weekend a 14-15 miler instead of the 10 that I was going to do.  Lucky for me, I've tapered a few swimmers in my day and hopefully I can tailor my taper to fit my training, just like I do with them.  :)

Anyway, here goes...

Monday:  3.5 miles
Tuesday:  Off
Wednesday:  6.5 miles
Thursday: Off
Friday:  Off
Saturday: Off (sick!)
Sunday:  Off (sick!)

Monday:  13 miles (fast!)
Tuesday:  Off
Wednesday:  6 miles
Thursday:  Off
Friday:  Off
Saturday:  17 miles
Sunday:  5 miles

My cold is almost complete gone now and I ran 5 miles the day after my long run, even though I almost never do that.  I wanted to run fatigued to make up for the lack of a 20 miler in my training this time.  Let's hope it works!

Two weeks from yesterday is the Chicago Marathon...yowza!

I am ready to go though...I have my race clothes picked out, I got approval from my principal to take two days off so I'll get to make it an extra long weekend with ample time to hang with Benjamin and recover, and  the flight is booked!  All I need to do now is stay healthy, hydrate, keep my training up and taper!  Yay!!

I can't believe it's almost here...

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