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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ben's Special Day

A few weeks ago I headed north to Chicago for Ben's christening.  It was such a special weekend and I am so happy and proud to have been a part of it as the godmother.  After the church, we all headed to Uncommon Ground  for lunch and to visit.  If you've never been there to eat and you are in the area - go!! I highly recommend the pumpkin ravioli.  It's insanely good!  

Paula and Matt couldn't have planned a more special day for the little guy.  

It was such a nice weekend and while the service was on Sunday, I got to spend Friday night and all day Saturday just relaxing with my family.  It was perfect. 

This hat makes me smile.

Ben loves being naked.  The less clothes he is wearing, the happier he is :).  It seems to me that Paula and Matt better watch out for this boy - he may be a handful.  He is starting to get ticklish!! Yes.

Hanging with Gramma and smiles for the camera.

He loves his Aunt Lor the best :).  Haha.  I keep telling myself that.

After my dad picked me up at the airport the first night we met my mom for dinner, just the three of us.  It was so nice.  I love my whole family, but sometimes it is nice just to have some time where it's just me and them.  I'm learning to treasure that time even more as I get older.  

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Paula said...

miss you! b says come back soon!