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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making Good on My Promise

At the beginning of the year I promised myself that this year would be different.  Last year was tough for me, but I promised myself that January 1st turned over a new leaf.  This year I would be happy, I would live with purpose, and I would work towards my goals.  Those are very ambiguous goals, and definitely not measurable, so when I saw a creative way to break them down a little bit more (source), I made a point to repeat it.  Identify what you will say yes to, and what you will say no to.  It's simple, and it makes sense.  I'm thankful that I saw this. 

To continue my goal of 2013 being my best year yet, here is my plan.

In 2013 I am saying yes to...

- eating healthier
- working out 4 times a week
- taking time to pray
- forgiveness
- hanging out with the girls
- making time for my family
- being a positive person
- reading more
- doing things for ME
- letting me be me and owning it
- taking more pictures
- spontaneity
- sending snail mail

In 2013 I am saying no to...

- wasting money
- jobs that aren't my passion
- trying to please everyone
- wasting time on social media
- negative people
- clutter
- unfinished projects
- waiting for tomorrow

Yes, today's is Valentine's Day.  I am spending the day making Valentine's cards in Spanish with my classes and the night with great friends. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. 

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Paula said...

i love your lists!!! they are great... and i love your orange quote :-) love you so much!