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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter in NC

Easter was a nice, relaxing day for me.  I woke up late, enjoyed my coffee and breakfast, and then got myself ready to head to Carol and Larry's house.  I don't take advantage of this enough, but it is so nice to have relatives that live close by.  Carol is my godmother and we just so happened to end up 30 minutes of each other!  

They had me over for a wonderful late Easter lunch/early dinner and the food was so good!  They are master's in the kitchen and I always love whatever they serve me.  

I didn't take any pictures while there, but I did take a picture of myself in my Easter outfit :).  I love these pink pants I got at LOFT for 30% off last week.  Easter was the perfect occasion to wear them!

This is the one I sent to my family along with my Happy Easter message :)

I ordered this necklace on Groupon last week and it came just in time for Easter.  I love it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent a lovely day with your family and friends!!

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