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Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Mom

You know that one person who can always make you smile?  The one who knows exactly what you are feeling before you do...the person who hears the hitch in your voice even before you know you are going to cry and the one who hears the smile in your news from the moment you start talking?  That's my mom.  She knows me inside and out.  Sometimes, so well that it makes me mad - but she knows me.  She knows me and my sisters and the rest of my family like this because that's who she is.  She is selfless, caring, and supportive.  She helps whenever she can and makes sure that everything will always be alright.  It's just who she is and you better believe it - a hug from her can make everything alright....So that's where I'm headed this weekend.  I'm going to Chicago to get a hug from my mom, and I will get to see the rest of my amazing family, as well!

 Over the past few months the distance from Chicago to North Carolina has seemed insanely too far and I am ready to close the distance.  I want to get that hug from my mom, sit and talk with my sisters for hours (like only sisters can do), and conquer all of the world's problems with my dad, because, man, the world is in need of our help right now.  I'm so ready to be with the people who know me, who get me, and who always make me feel at home.  

I'm so excited I will get to be there to help support, care for, and repay some of their wonderfulness this weekend. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, the strongest woman I know.    

Happy Mother's Day to my grandma, the amazing woman who raised the strongest woman I know.

Happy Mother's Day to my sister, the best new mama I have ever met.  She has handled this whole mother-hood thing with grace, patience, and so much love.  I am so impressed and so proud.  What a lucky guy Ben is.  :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!

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Paula said...

you almost made me cry :-) all this is so true! and so sweet of you. love you!!!