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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Napa Part 1: Wine Tasting

About a month ago my cousin got married in Napa, CA and Paula, Matt and I flew out to attend.  We also had a little bit of fun traveling around Napa too!

This place shocked me with how pretty it was.  The weather was gorgeous, it was so sunny, and the vineyards were so pretty!  The wine was pretty amazing, as well, if I do say so... :)

We started each morning off at Gott's.  Their breakfast sandwiches are so good!

Each day we went to three wineries.  On Friday we went to White Rock, Robert Synsky, and Honig:

White Rock - I loved their Chardonay Reserve.  So good!  They carved a cave out of a hill to house their winery underground and to age their bottled wine, they stack the bottles on their sides.  Very cool.

This was 4000 bottles.

This wall was 6000 bottles!

We even did our tasting in the cave!

Robert Synsky:  The wine was alright.  They served us some cute little snacks and had this amazing terrace to sit in.  I'm not going to lie - we chose this as we drove by - because the terrace looked so inviting.  

The last one was Honig.  This place seemed to market towards a younger crowd.  It was a little more modern and really reasonably priced, but still pretty good!

After that we headed to the wedding!  More on that to come in another post.

On Saturday we went to Reynold's Family, Hendry, and Saintsbury.  They were all really unique and had different specialties.  

Reynold's Family was the perfect place to start on Saturday.  We were moving a little slow after the previous night's festivities, so their inviting, outdoor tasting was so perfect.  There were flowers everywhere and we sat right next to a pond. 

After that we headed to Hendry.  This place was very different, but so informative!  We did a group tasting and they taught us so much about each wine - what to eat it with, how to taste it, why they taste the way they do, etc.  It was very cool. 

Before we met back up with the family we headed to Sainstbury.  Saintsbury is known for their Pinot Noir and this was such a great place.  They had people working there who knew a lot about their wines and they took the time to tell us about their product.  They also told us about the owners and the whole story behind the vineyard.  One of the owners was a Physics teacher in South Carolina before he moved to California!  I would highly recommend this place and, of course, I forgot to take a single picture! 

They were all fabulous, but if I have to pick a favorite, I can...My favorite was White Rock.  It was a little quirky, but we got to talk to one of the actual owners and he showed us exactly how they did the oak aging and the bottling.  I also thought their wine was pretty amazing!  I bought a bottle and it is being saved for a special occasion!

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