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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chicago: Part 3

After the night at the Shedd, I headed to Paula and Matt's to see my favorite nephew!!  I was so excited to see him that I almost woke him up when I got back, at 11:00.  Paula urged me not too and I obliged because I knew that if I could only wait until morning, we could have a whole day together - just the two of us!  It was so fun to get some quality time with the little guy.  Paula kept Ben home from the nanny and I got to be nanny for the day!!

First we hung out on the couch and clapped and sang while I got to enjoy my coffee.

When Ben got sick of my singing and I let him dance to his real favorite tunes. 

After that I got him dressed in a super cute outfit and we hung around for the condo for a bit, playing with super interesting things like luggage.

But when he started to torment Chief we headed outside and hit the pavement. 

Ben, Chief, and myself.  
Taking a dog and a baby for a walk is more work than it looks!

Had to do a walk-by of one of my favorite places :)  Wrigley Field.

After the walk, Ben decided we needed a selfie (or two), so we hung out on the porch to warm up from the igloo and took some amazing pictures.  What can I say? We are pretty photogenic :)

I'm going to see how many posts I can make this one trip... Just. You. Watch. 


Meghan said...

Ben is such a cutie! By the way, I'm going the next time you go to Chicago!

Lauren said...

Please do!!! Thanks :)

Paula said...

first off our place is not an igloo :-) secondly i love these pictures and hearing all the details of your day!!! we love you!