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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Europe Part 2: A Good, Damme Time

Back to my European vacation. Yes, let's relive that - happily! 

While we were in Brugge, we took a bike ride to Damme.  It was more fun than I could have ever imagined.  We woke up early, grabbed breakfast at the hotel and then wandered to the center of the town to see the open market.  What a sight! 

We met our wonderful tour guide at 10:30, then we biked through the town and out onto a little paved pathway along a canal.  The tour guide was amazing.  She told us about the history and the legends, and she even cracked some jokes along the way.  It was such a fun day! 

We biked to Damme and got to visit in this cute little town, as well as hear about the history of the actual damm that existed there.  We also stopped at a cute little cafe and had some Belgium beer and waffles.  It was absolutely delicious, and just enough to keep us energized on the return trip. 

We finished back in Brugge and then Yelana (my travel buddy) and I prepped ourselves for our long trip to Breda, Holland!  

We headed to the train station and the nice man at the counter printed out three extra pages of travel papers in hopes that we would make all three connecting trains.  We were feeling feeling confident and ready! - and then we got on the wrong train in Antwerp.   It is not my fault that the train station does not make announcements in English. 

It was about 5pm when we realized that the train we thought was connecting through to Breda, was not.  How did we figure that out?  Well, While on the train, reading on our Kindles, we made a stop at a station in Essen.  And we never moved again.  The train shut off and the conductor kicked us off.  No, he wasn't mean.  He probably felt sorry for the two American girls who had suitcases bigger than our own bodies because we were stuck in a town with NO TAXIS! What?!  The irony is that we were only about 45 minutes away from Breda by car. 

The conductor, who barely spoke any English, did help us out as much as he could, and we figured out that there was another train coming in about an hour that would, in fact, take us all the way to Breda.  So we waited.  And we took selfies.  Why not?  Have I mentioned that we were American tourists? It seemed fitting.

Also, this was Yelana's 30th Birthday.  No joke.  She was a good sport, for sure, and we made it fun!  And we made sure to have a few celebratory drinks as soon as we arrived in Breda. We deserved it, right?

More on the "Welcome Drinks" to come!  Gotta leave you hanging with something ;) 

- Lauren


Laura Darling said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to book a trip right now!

Lauren said...

Thanks! Go plan a trip :)

Meghan said...

This is SO FUN! Your pictures are great, and how adorable is that selfie on you on the bike?!?