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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Europe Part 3: Breda Wedding

The reason I went to Europe for 10 days was not just for fun, but because my twin cousins and one of my favorite people go married there!  

Stacey used to live near me in NC and she moved up to Chicago a year before my big move.  We have always been pretty close and it has been so fun getting to know her husband now that I live right down the street from them! 

Her husband is from the Netherlands, so they decided to have their wedding in his hometown.  It was so cool to be able to see a small town in Holland and to be showed around by a native.  It was also really fun and interesting to experience a wedding that was a meld of two cultures and people who spoke many different languages.   

Downtown Breda and the church where the wedding was located. 

It was so fun!  It was a perfect day and the bride looked beautiful!  Their pictures look like they should be out of a magazine.  Take a look... 

This church was absolutely gorgeous! 

The wedding party


After the wedding we headed out to the clubs - with the bride and groom - how cool is that?! 
We partied with the locals and it was a blast! 

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Meghan said...

Seriously! What stunners you Nosal girls are! Absolutely gorgeous!