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Monday, July 6, 2015

Training Week 2

Seeing as this was a holiday weekend, my training took a bit of a hit.  I got a few runs in but they were short and I did not stick to my training plan.  This week I will have to ramp up the intensity to stay on track.  Yikes! - I feel off the wagon in week 2 - this is not OK.  Time to get back into it! 

I did snap this great pic while running on the Fourth at the lake. 

Week 2 of Training: June 29 - July 5

Monday: 3.5 miles 
Tuesday: 3 miles 
Wednesday: 3 miles 
Thursday: 5 mile walk
Friday: off 
Saturday: 2.5 miles
Sunday: off 

This week I need to do a long run over 8 miles if I am going to be able to finish my half-marathon on July 19.  This is going to be interesting... I'll keep ya posted.  If you have any motivation, please send some extra my way! 

Sights from my runs last week:

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Meghan said...

#ygg! I literally love your pictures from your runs. I need to get back into it! xo