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Monday, July 27, 2015

Training: Week 5

This past week, things got serious! The weather was gorgeous, I was consistent, and I stuck to the plan (for the most part).  I did my first double (and a triple within 24 hours).  That will be a weekly occurrence from here on out to help me get ready for the relay.  The one tip I had was to get used to running tired and to be accustomed to running more than once a day.  

It is good advice.  The second run of the day can be soul crushing - your joints hurt, your bones are tender, and your muscles feel like they might snap.  Like any good athlete, now I'm going to do that over and over again until it doesn't affect me.  Ha! I know something is working because I was completely spent all last week - I had no energy at all and the 10 k on Saturday, that should have been great, felt more like a 15 mile race than a 6 mile race.  Hopefully the energy will come back soon! 

Re-cap of the week: 

Sunday: 4.5 miles 
Monday: 3 + 3 miles 
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 4.5 miles 
Thursday: swim 
Friday: 3 miles 
Saturday: 6.2 miles (Big Ten 10k) 

Total: 24.2 miles

1 comment:

Meghan said...

You're seriously such a rockstar! My run today was ROUGH, but I'm glad I got it in! You're helping keep me motivated.