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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Training: Week 11

Well, I am officially late with this post, but I'm going to make sure I keep you all updated... 

Week 11 was my first week of taper (Aug 31 - Sept 6)!  Yay!!  I dialed back the mileage to make sure my legs got some rest and recovery.  In all honesty, I probably dialed back a little too far, but now that all is said and done and it all worked out, I think that's aright! 

Weekly re-cap: 

Monday: off
Tuesday: 5 miles  
Wednesday: 4.5 miles 
Thursday: off
Friday: off 
Saturday: 1.5 miles 
Sunday: 3.5 miles 

Total: 14.5 miles 

One week til the Blue Ridge Relay!! 

During my last run in Chicago, I outran a storm and got some really cool pictures.  My pace was also significantly faster on this run.  Go figure. 

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