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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Training: Week 12

I don't know if I would call this week "training" per se, or if I should just refer to it as "trying-not-to-puke-from-nerves."  I traveled to North Carolina for work on Labor Day and spent the week trying to stay loose, stay off of my feet, and hydrate a ton!  Some days it worked, some days it didn't.  I drank at least one coconut water a day and majorly cut back on alcohol.  I also majorly cut back in mileage... see below.  My legs were nothing, if not rested :) 

The week leading up to the event only includes September 7-10 because the race happened on September 11 and 12.  That re-cap will come soon.  

Weekly Re-Cap: 

Monday: 1000 yd swim 
Tuesday: 3 mile jog 
Wednesday: off 
Thursday: 1.5 mile walk 

Total: Is it even worth adding that up?  (4.5 for those of you counting)

I did my swim at the pool I used to coach at with two friends and it was so fun going back to my old stomping grounds and getting in a good swim/chatfest. 

I also did my runs in NC, which means that the hills were a-plenty.  It was a wonderful wake-up call for me when the little "hills" of Raleigh/Durham killed me.  I was nowhere near ready for the actual mountains of the Blue Ridge Relay (hint: foreshadowing!).  But I survived and I think it went alright. 

DAYS until the Blue Ridge Relay - 0 (yikes!!!)

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Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

You photograph beautifully! I love your captures of Durham & Raleigh! MISS YOU!