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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arizona Getaway

Back in February my sisters and I escaped from the brutal winters of Chicago and Boston for some fun in the sun in Arizona.  It was a much needed trip full of long chats, hiking, sunshine, and lots of outdoor adventures. 

My baby sister is more into "active" vacations, while my older sister is more of a beach bum.  I, thankfully, straddle the two happily.  To make sure we all got something we wanted, we planned the trip with two parts.  

Part 1 - 3 days in Sedona, Arizona (with a detour to the Grand Canyon) 
 Part 2 - 3 days in Scottsdale, Arizona 

It was perfect!   

We started in Sedona and we were (not so) pleasantly surprised with their 30 degree weather.  We left Chicago and Boston for warmer temps, remember!  Nevertheless, we were determined to have some fun, layered up, and explored anyway. 

I'll have a full run-down of my Sedona and Scottsdale recs and favorites coming soon, but here are some highlights to hold you over. 

More details coming soon! 

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